WEAVERS OF HOPE is a non-profit  and a leading international impact organization founded by  passionate group of women from Nigeria (and other west Africa countries)living in Italy who seek to empower and amplify the voices of other women in the fight against human trafficking and social injustice. They are mothers, sisters, daughters, community leaders and advocates,  survivors, overcomers of their past experiences as victims of human trafficking an modern day slavery for sexual exploitations and domestic servitude, they are zealous in weaving hopes and shattered dreams.What is central to their existence  as an organisation is the power and courage that they had in turning their traumatic experiences into knitting instruments to keep weaving shattered dreams and hopes.

The office of Weavers of Hope





BLESSING OKOEDION is an inspirational voice in the fight against modern slavery, Through her work as a cultural mediator in combination with her lived experiences, she actively  raise and spread awareness about human trafficking.

Blessing was born in  small village located in the southern part of  Nigeria, She graduated from Ambrose Alli University with degree in Computer science. She was trafficked to Italy in the year 2013 and she was able to immediately  report her traffickers to the police, she attributes this her courage to God Almighty  and education, for this reason she is today a  passionate advocate for the education of the girl-child specially those in the rural areas who are potential targets for traffickers, and also an activist who has dedicated her life to fighting against trafficking in persons .

She published a book “The courage of freedom” (Ed. Paoline, 2017), co-written with the Italian Journalist Anna Pozzi to tell her story and to shine a light on this abhorrent pratice.

She was honoured alongside others by the US state Department at the 2018 Trafficking in persons Report Launch ceremony in Washington, D.C for her extraordinary courage in using her lived experience to prevent human trafficking and her selfless efforts to assist survivors and lend a helping hand to those still subjected to  the crime and her unwavering advocate for greater protections for vulnerable groups and  victims of trafficking across Italy and Nigeria.

BLESSING OKOEDION AND HER TEAM have worked towards ensuring the social justice for those victims of human trafficking and who are at high risk  by empowering, informing and organizing the women and girls from the community level.  they have conducted various programs and initiatives to empower the group of victim and survivors. This organization has worked together in liaison with various national and international organizations and networks to give justice to those affected by human trafficking.


We envision a world where human rights are guaranteed and respected, and a world where women and girls can freely move without fears of being captured,raped and exploited, a world where women and girls can get education, occupation without gender-based discrimination to be financially stable. We also envision a world of love and free of racism, homophobism, sexism and classism.


Trafficking survivors,  vulnerable  migrants , women and children at risk of trafficking will be organized, empowered in order, for them to be able contribute with good aware to campaigns against human trafficking.


The goal is to establish a free and a progressive society, devoid of trafficking in persons, social injustice racism, homophobism, sexism and classism. 


  • To guarantee survivors of human trafficking the same rights and freedoms as any other member of the society;
  • To foster the protagonism of survivors in leading the movement and the battle of  freedom against trafficking and slavery;
  • Not to allow any survivor to be discriminated against in her service to the organization;
  • Giving access to opportunities for self-empowerment and self-determination for all immigrants without discrimination;
  • To Implement all the possible forms of collaboration with people and organizations that share the same struggle and values.